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Safflower Kitty Litter Box
Why use clay type cat litter in your kitty’s box? That stuff is horrible! The only thing we have found that clay cat litter is good for, so far, is for mixing with concrete. It makes one heck of a bond when you add it to concrete, but it is terrible for your kitty and not to mention it stinks. The safflower seed litter box is a better alternative for your fur children.
It uses safflower seeds as the litter, which can be bought at any Tractor supply, department store, or Ace hardware, in the bird food section.

Here's how to make one:

-Get 2 sweater totes the size of a standard litter box, so that they can be stacked on top of one another without the bottoms touching.

-Drill holes 1 inch apart, in a grid all along the bottom of 1 of your totes, so that it looks like a colander strainer.
-Stack your strainer tote on to the solid bottom tote.

-Fill the top tote with 1, 7 lb bag of safflower seeds.

The pee goes through the seeds into the bottom tote, and can be dumped daily, into the toilet. The poo can be scooped out safely into the toilet and flushed.
You rinse the seeds daily in warm water and mild detergent, let dry for a couple of minutes inside the strainer tote, then place the strainer tote back on top of the solid tote.
You can repeat this process until the litter becomes scanty and needs new litter (about 6-8 months), and dump the old litter in your compost pile.
The birds will eat the seeds, and the rest will compost down.
We love it!
It is cleaner, easy to use, and a bag of seeds runs about $10. It works like scoopable litter. Best smell, and it is completely eco friendly.

The whole process cost about $20 dollars for initial cost of the totes and seeds, but regular maintenance cost is about $10 dollars, ever 6-8 months.
Not bad heh?

Copyright, Lilliput Dragon Press & Nichole Gump 2008


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